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Gold Bears Active Again - Goldman Forecasts A Drop below

LONDON, December 10, 2014 /PR Newswire UK/ -- Tread-24.com Analyst: 'Oil Will Drop Below 50 and Gold Will Not Stay Over $1,000' in 2015.It is no secret that the gold markets are totally manipulated by big.My suspicion is that the commercial traders did indeed add to their short positions as of Friday.Perth Mint Bullion provides a simple and convenient method of buying gold and silver bullion online from a highly accredited government-owned institution.

Gold Bugs: Look Out Below! Gold Could Drop to $1,000


In fact, many people have been holding silver after a 60% decline, still claiming that they are right for doing so.

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That is not an objective perspective upon which any of you should rely.But, as I have addressed in many articles in the past, there is no historical evidence for gold being a safe haven against equity market declines.

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There are undoubtedly a lot of speculative purchases that may need to be unwound in coming years.So, while it seems that there is appropriate bullish sentiment in the metals marketplace, I am still not yet convinced it is quite bullish enough.In fact, one article even notes that price targets on gold miners are being raised by most analysts, despite the current price drop.

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Why gold, ‘that barbarous relic,’ will trade below $1,000

And, as my technical indicators have turned up enough to support a strong decline, I have now become very cautious about the long side in the metals.

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It seems that they potentially fueled the bullish fires right at the highs, and added to the extreme bullish sentiment.

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Very few even believe that there is a bearish scenario to consider.

In fact, I will even note specific levels that, if the market should move through, would have me consider that I am wrong in my primary expectations.

Yet, most do not provide such objective perspectives in the metals, and will simply maintain a position, no matter how wrong it turns out to be.And, with the rise this week as the equity markets went down, I am sure more will be blindly jumping on this bandwagon.

Piling On, Goldman Forecasts Further Drop in Gold to Below

All I have been hearing of late is how gold will never see lower than the 2013 lows.Look To Defensive Miner Randgold Resources. Dec. 30,. As a result, gold may remain under pressure in 2016.Yet, the market does not seem strong enough right now to move quite that high.Additional disclosure: I own intermediate term puts on SLV and GLD, with some remaining short term calls on SLV which will likely be sold Monday or Tuesday.People say it is simply not possible since it would be lower than its production cost.

Yet, when people look at the recent Commitment of Traders reports, they see evidence that the commercial traders have covered their shorts, so everyone who reads these reports is very bullish once again.And, as I peruse all the Seeking Alpha articles on metals, it seems almost everyone is bullish again.And, are we not expecting a strong move down in the metals (as long as GLD remains below 131.50), whether or not the equity markets go up or down.

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Furthermore, did we not expect a rally in the metals whether or not the equity markets declined.

As the price of gold and silver came down sharply, many investors are asking what the future price of gold will be.I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions.

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