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What ever you have left after essentials and fun money expenses then stack it.PS As a former debt slave and slave master (banker) removing myself from both positions was a huge sigh of relief.

I tend to think of this as the first crack in the dam of pent up demand for silver as money.This entry was posted in Gold News and tagged JP Morgan, silver bull market, silver chart, silver parabolic.It likely has as much validity as the infinite number of parabolic lines that can be drawn including the same number of points.It is not what the price is now, it is what the price will be when everything goes wacky.

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Supply and demand have absolutely nothing to do with price discovery.Silver Price History in Canadian Dollars (CAD) for the last 90 days. 5 Year Silver Chart in CAD.

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When the upmove comes, the gun will shoot the margins up and bankrupt some longs.

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Yet I knew in my heart and in my intellect that silver was FAR more valuable and far more undervalued than 99% of other assets.

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This power has been controlling world events for several hundred years.Silver prices are likely to gain in the next five years as demand for solar panels grows on a drive by governments to reduce global emissions.Exciting times are before us, everyone must exercise patience.See the silver price history over the past 5 years via a historical price chart of the daily spot price value of silver (in USD per ounce) for the past 5 years.

And the Russian and Chinese central banks were more than happy to absorb all of it.PMs are a solid investment, financial insurance, inflation fighters, and stores of value.Whether empty prophecies or exuberant cheer-leading lets face it what else is there to put ones hard earned into.

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Silver Price History - Silver Price Chart for the last 5 years.

There is a time frame to get silver at a bargain and we are years away from silver rising to the levels many are touting.Gold and silver prices over 200 years: long term gold and silver charts.I suppose the shorting will only end when the phsical buyers are outbuying the inflow of COMEX physical.

Some of the technical analysis can be helpful and insightful.If I had put every extra dime I had in the market starting after the may smash of 2011, instead of silver I would have alot more dry powder to stack with.Historical charts and analysis of silver in the past 5 and 10 years plus basic market informations.

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OK, so even if they left that last part out, they could still do a service by recommending gold and silver.Find the cheap Silver Charts 5 Year, Find the best Silver Charts 5 Year deals, Sourcing the right Silver Charts 5 Year supplier can be time-consuming and difficult.

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See the silver price history over the past 5 years via a historical price chart of the daily spot.I bought silver like a mad man with 100% conviction that never wavered.

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This page presents the 200 year gold and silver price charts.Silver is money and it is very undervalued relative to gold, which is itself very undervalued.