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America is very careful to keep the third world parts of their nation OUT of the eye of the world.

There are many factors that are not taken into account like taxes (VAT, GST), the wages paid to McD staff, cost of real-estate, cost of ingredients (Beef, wheat etc.) To stay cometitive McD has to set the prices to ensure that the product is affordable and can compete with other similar offerings.

The riff raff in American cities are left alone in lower income neighborhoods.


The Big Mac Index is published by The Economist as an informal way of measuring the purchasing power parity (PPP) between two currencies and provides a test of the.Rob, the Bank Monday, 22 May 2017. The Big Mac index is a guide,.

Big Mac Bargains Spur Forecasts Three-Year Aussie Rout

In this article we will discuss the Big Mac price and nutrition.The only thing that differs is the quantity of the chips, which I use as a fatness index.It would not surprise me if the Rand is devalued by the reserve bank at the orders of the government to curb buying from other countries and keeping sales in our shops high and happy.I remember the early Japanese days when it was the same but they went the TQM way and improved their goods dramatically.We have been in UK for 15 months and food prices have dropped since we have been here.we find it much cheaper to live and for once we are able to save every month.

Big Mac's Lessons on Global Economics and Your Pricing

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I hope you choke on your battery-bred salmonella-laced antibiotic-fed chicken wings the next time you visit McDonalds.This article is misleading, and the rand will continue to weaken.

'Big Mac index': How many Big Macs will $50 get you around

And one of the first things I do on trips to the UK is have one for breakfast just to spite the bunch of religious nutters that own the company here.

Big Mac index shows ruble should be much stronger than it

One must also understand that in most states, gas in America contains some percentage of corn ethanol.

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South Africa and Brazil are paying for this misguided policy.Republic Vietnam China Sri Lanka Taiwan Poland Hong Kong Indonesia Egypt South Africa Malaysia Russia.I moved from Cape Town to Viana in Portugal 8 months ago and I can assure you that prices are far higher throughout Europe.

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