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The sheer scale of revenues that the US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint (RCM), Perth Mint and Austrian Mint have been generating over the last number of years is eye-opening.Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler We have explained on a number of occasions how the Federal.The official gold reserves of the United States of America are owned by the US Government.BullionStar is a registered trademark with trade mark number: T1212231C.

The United States Bullion Depository,. and the U.S. Treasury Department.Gold coins for sale from the US Mint are available in proof and uncirculated finishes and range from one-tenth to one ounce in 22- or 24-karat gold.

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Using a metric of silver ounces sold compared to gold ounces sold, this gives a silver to gold coin sales ratio of 47:1 for the US Mint.

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The US Mint is part of the US Department of the Treasury, and reports to the Office of the Treasurer.The Treasury Department has prescribed regulations regarding uncurrent and mutilated coins.

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The Perth Mint group operates on a fully commercial basis and is self-funding.

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See the best available U.S. mint gold coins in different styles, from the mid-19th century to modern day.The Perth Mint bullion program is slightly more extensive and briefly consists of the following: Australian Kangaroo gold and silver coin series, Australian Kookaburra silver coin series, Australian Koala silver coin series, Australian Platypus platinum coin series, Australian Lunar gold and Australian Lunar silver coin series.Disclaimer: BullionStar is not in any way connected, affiliated or associated to s.t.a.r. or s.t.a.r. bullion storage.

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Like the US Mint, the RCM is not funded by the Government and is predominantly run as a commercial organization except for the Canadian circulation coin program which since 2014 has been operated on a non-profit basis.

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Today, July 7, the US Mint suspended sales of bullion American Silver Eagles, noting that a large increase in demand has depleted their inventories.

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Does anyone really think that gold is unencumbered, unleased, and actually physically there.

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Silver American Eagle sales reached 47 million ounces (1,461.85 tonnes) in 2015, with another 1,060,000 ounces (32.97 tonnes) of America the Beautiful 5 oz coins sold, bringing total US Mint silver bullion coin sales to 48.06 million ounces (1,494.82 tonnes).

Supervises the manufacture of U.S. circulating coins and the fulfillment of contracts for the manufacture of.More importantly though, these Mints actually make the valuable and high quality investment gold and silver coins and bars that are in such high demand right now, and that also provide tangible economic benefits such as employing large numbers of people around the world in highly skilled jobs.US Treasury claims to store 1362 tonnes of gold at the US Mint facility in Denver, Colorado, but is this actually true, or is the US gold with the military.


Many experts recommend physical gold as a safe haven and hedge against inflation.Treasure Coast Bullion Group is always interested in buying precious metal bullion from the public.Not to forget the ultimate beneficiaries of bullion sales, the investors and collectors.

Each of these four mints has an official bullion coin program.

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In 2015, the US Mint sold 801,500 ounces (24.93 tonnes) of gold American Eagles and 220,500 ounces (6.86 tonnes) of gold American Buffalos, for total gold bullion coin sales of 1,022,000 ounces (31.79 tonnes).

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She was able to educate me while getting me the best metals for the money.James Steel, Chief Precious Metals Analyst at HSBC, explains that the US Treasury currency report is expected mid-April and its potential findings car.