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Why the Colt balls did not drop in pressure is the real question in all of this.

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Also, wanted to point out NFL balls are different then college balls and this may account for some small difference (If memory serves their volumes are slightly different, materials differ as well) probably insignificant, but worth noting.In this video we will work through a partial pressure problem.

If the balls were inflated at 68 deg F to 12.5 psi gauge and then cooled to 45 deg F, I come up with a pressure change of approximately 1.2 psi.Have the balls inflated to the proper pressure outside at least 2 hours by the NFL Officials before the game using a small portable air compressor with a reservoir.

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This means the gauge reference the actual atmospheric pressure at the time of the measurement. this pressure is typically 14.7, and changes based on altitude and weather conditions. ( e.g. Lower pressure front in weather reports ).I think in the case of going from inflation in a warm room to a cold playing field, we would see both reduced pressure and slightly lower volume.I am fascinated that the rule book puts the balls under the control of the referees for two hours before the game.

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You also have to account for the slight (but non-zero) change in volume, since the ball is not a rigid vessel.

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No Data, that leaves most of the folks ASSUMING there was NO CHANGE in those 12 balls.This changes with elevation, constant here, and the barometric pressure, nominally about 14.7 psi, but look it up for Gillette Stadium at half time.With a hand pump or compressor with or without storage tank and what was the tanks pressure and temperature at the time of inflation.Seems the only reasonable explanations are either that the Colts overfilled them, or they filled them with air at a lower temperature.

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As the gas expands, it does work on its surroundings (the overlying atmosphere), and thereby loses thermal energy.

Also, we have to ask ourselves if they measured the balls outside or brought them back inside for a time before they measured allowing some rise in temp.I got basically the same result except that the final pressure was 24.8 PSIA or 10.1 PSI GAUGE.

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As a polymer scientist,I expected to see the moisture play some role in decreasing the PSI as the leather would become more elastic when wet, increasing the volume enough to have an effect on PSI.Was the pressure 2 psi below 12.5 (hence 10.5 psi), which is my interpretation, or 13.

In this context, P is the pressure in the ball, V the volume of the ball, T the temperature, n the number of moles of gas inside the ball, and R a constant to make the units work out right.The league sees ballboys warming up balls to keep them from going flat during a Vikings-Panthers game and issues no punishment, merely a reminder of the rules.So, the air inside the ball when inflated could be 130F, which should drop to 50F in the field.Since relative humidity increases by about 5% per degree C, the air in the ball would be expected to be approx 135% saturated.The officials first say they test to make sure its in 12.5-13.5, then went onto say they put 13 in every ball.Perhaps the Ball boy knows what pressure Tom likes and set them up accordingly since he a junior physics major who used to work in NASCAR.Pressure ulcers are caused by unrelieved pressure or shearing forces (which is not what happens in the case of IAD).

That is what usually happens when someone is suspected of finding a loophole in the rules (which in this case are vague about what the referees are supposed to do if they suspect a ball has been tampered with) for most sports.If the Balls were just topped off with Air, a smaller Delta-T.Calculations should be done using absolute pressure and absolute temperature scales.Rankine, a 40 degree Delta T produces 2 psi drop in pressure and a 30 degree Delta produces a 1.5 psi drop.

There are four data points here: The initial pressure in the lab before the experiment, the pressure after spending a night in the -20C freezer, the pressure after spending three hours in the crisper drawer of the fridge, and the pressure after warming back up to room temperature.For the ideal gas law to work, you must use absolute pressure and temperature.The rule states it is the sole responsibility of the officials to bring the balls out at no less than 12.5 after the team has delivered the balls to them.Following this logic, the initial temperature would have to be 140F to bring the pressure down to 10.5psi at 45F.Discover recipes, cooks, videos, and how-tos based on the food you love and the friends you follow.

So, the lines on the graph above are just that: the results of a linear fit to each of the data sets.If you turn on meter at sea level ambient you will immediately check if it measures absolute or relative pressure (14.7 or 0.0 psi).This is because the air is pressurized so quickly that as the temperature equilibrates with the air there is a noticeable loss of pressure.Because it affects their day-to-day lives more than they may think.A normalized graph of pressure vs temperature, scaled to the highest value of each.Ideal Gas Law (Equation of State) works because this is a relatively low pressure although we could use anyone of a number of equations of state to solve the problem but first we have to agree on an EOS that will work with non hydrocarbon gases.They claiming this was never a problem before, in worst weather conditions, as if they have always looked at this in detail. his whole point was to knock Brady down a few rungs.Detailed experimentation to duplicate the actual conditions was done.This problem is actually pretty complicated when one digs down into every little detail.

So in that case, the pressure inside the ball should be not just what the gauge reads, but the gauge reading plus about 14 psi.Each team plays on the same field and each team should play with the same footballs.

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I would like to add that to my knowledge, no one can site the source from where the 2psi drop information came from.So the temperature drop from room temperature to 50 degrees would easily account for that change.