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Silver has created an interesting chart these past few weeks.

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December Comex gold and December Comex silver futures prices hit contract and four-year lows in early trading Friday.

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November 1, 2014 precious metals. If Everything was Made Out of Gold - Minecraft.Ignore all data below 19% and pay attention to the spikes above 19%.

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It indicates that gold and silver probably bottomed in March of 2015.

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The Stress Index indicated a bottom in the gold and silver markets in March of 2015.Posted on April 30, 2013 by Andrew Thrasher, CMT. Has Silver Bottomed Out.However, with the constant barrage of anti-gold, anti-silver, pro-dollar and pro-paper media stories, it is not surprising that people are confused, worried, and scared regarding gold prices, the value of real money, and the inevitable demise of paper currencies.Keep in mind that the Comex continues to run extremely low on physical silver.

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From Laurynas Vegys, Analyst, Casey Research: Silver is down 7.1% this year.However, with the constant barrage of anti-gold, anti-silver, pro-dollar and pro-paper media stories, it is not surprising that people are confused, worried, and.

Silver Will Fall by 66%. silver has lived up to its billing as a store of.

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The stress index (described later) turn points are marked with ovals on the 15 year graph.Subscribe for the free weekly newsletter and receive 3 papers about physical precious metals investing.Markets become over-bought and over-sold, or extended to extremes, in both directions.

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Take the sum of the absolute value (all percentages are counted as positives) of both deviations from their 200 day moving average and graph it, which produces the Stress Index as shown earlier.

Today King World News wanted to share just how bad sentiment is in the gold and silver sector.But gold is real money, in contrast to the paper stuff that is valuable only as long as people, businesses, and countries retain confidence that it will devalue, but only slowly.If the deflationary forces gain the ascendancy short-term then you will be taken out.

China is amassing debt at record levels and it signals the potential for another major financial crisis in the horizon.It is clear and obvious that the Running Flat bull market correction in silver has bottomed and the A, B, C, bear market corrective rally in the Dollar Index has topped.At some point they reverse, as indicated by the Stress Index.I ask the question of whether the price of silver has bottomed in the. as Chris has, for the last 5 years and have found out many things that have really changed.What do the observations of past bottoms tell us about this recent bottom.

Have Silver Prices Bottomed Yet. of Europe at will as their inability to appoint a pro-austerity government has. baby being thrown out with the bath.Wow, Silver has had quite a ride since futures opened last night.

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