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Translating that to trading opportunities, the BEST opportunities tend to occur IN the direction of the prevailing trend (relative to your timeframe).Even after the Trend Reversal AND the end-of-November rally, price has continued its intraday bullish structure with an additional progression of shorter-term swing highs and lows so far in December.Mr. Berman provides an overview of the critical market structure issues.

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Pure monopoly is a market structure characterized by (a) high barriers to entry and (b) a single seller of a well.

Stretching back to Dow Theory, an Up-Trend is defined as a series of higher swing highs and swing lows, while a Down-Trend is similarly defined as a series of lower swing highs and lower swing lows.View Notes - 03.12 Market Structure Summary Sheet from ECON 32342 at Delaware Tech.Key elements of market structure include: the number of suppliers and their relative size.After a continuation down-move into October, price again reversed to the upside in mid-October after breaking above two mini-swing highs from July, forming a tight swing low on October 18th, and then breaking the final mini-swing high at the 11,700 level.

When reversing a Down-Trend, price must make a Higher High, Higher Low, THEN swing back to TAKE OUT (trade above) the recent Higher High.The price bar has an open, high, low and close. it is considered a structural pivot.

Trade the Forex market risk free using our free Forex trading simulator.It is the best and most complete education that I have ever received in the market.The Definition of Monopoly Monopoly: a firm that is the only seller of a good or service with no close substitutes.

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High Price Discrimination Cathay Pacific employs significant price discrimination within the market, which requires considerable market power.Lesson 5: Competition and Market Structure Overview: The entrepreneur will operate in a market that may, or may not, have others selling the same or similar products.There are various types of Market Structures but today we are just looking at basic Swing low and Swing high structures.

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We develop a multichannel model of separating equilibrium where a seller markets a durable good to high- and low-type.

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You can also see the educational example of how the intraday structure reversed from Up to Down on November 17th (notice the sequence of Lower High, Lower Low, Lower High, then a breakdown of the 11,950 Lower Low).The oligopoly market structure,. game to two firms deciding whether to charge a high price or a low price.Eventhough your book is heading me in the right direction, I have to kick these trigger happy bad habbits before I can be successful.October 18th swing low is not higher than any swings in July.

These are larger-scale, Structural Reversals on the Daily Chart.CORPORATE BOND MARKET STRUCTURE: THE TIME FOR REFORM IS NOW SEPTEMBER 2014 The opinions expressed are as of September 2014 and may change as subsequent conditions vary.I have bought your book and have been studying it and trying to apply it.Market Structure, instruments and infrastructure for high-frequency trading.